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Window Tinting Services in Jackson, Madison and Flowood

Got Tint services include:

  • Auto glass repair and replacement
  • Window Tinting
  • Auto Tinting
  • Professional Window Tinting


Got Tint does great work. Needed him to wrap the hood of my car and tint my car. He did an excellent job with both. I found the customer service to be receptive, fair and competitive. I would highly recommend for tints. Thank you Got Tint!

- Jason Wallace Studio

Does great work

- Jermaine Magee

I called and a guy answered and asked all the right questions to ensure he gave me the right estimate. I had one window he needed to look at before he could guarantee a price but in the end the price was less than expected and the time to get the car done was less than expected. Harvey thank u for your service. I couldn't have asked for a better service. I'll be back for more services. THANK U. Awesome......

- Pacific Design

Auto Glass Services

Got Tint specialists restore or replace the windshield or any other glass component on your car, truck or SUV from our full-service auto repair shop. Even the tiniest cracks or chips can be restored and matched to the existing tint of your windshield with our advanced high performance fillers applied by skilled and experienced auto glass repair technicians.

Window Tinting

Sunlight and other very bright lights are not only annoying when you drive but they can be very dangerous. When you are going down the road it only takes a moment of blindness to allow for an accident to happen. But with an excellent tint job this worry will become a thing of the past for our Flowood clients.